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UNISON Case Studies

Case 1

A member working in a local college had an accident at work resulting in a back injury. With the help of the Kingston LG Branch and UNISON legal department, a personal injury claim was made. The member received more than £11,000 in compensation. The employer was also reminded of their health and safety responsibilities as laid out in legislation.

Case 2

In a time of reorganisation a UNISON member who was the manager of a children’s home, had to face redundancy. Even though severe cutbacks were being made, Kingston LG Branch assisted in achieving a ‘satisfactory package’ for this member. This included monetary compensation for annual leave and bank holiday entitlements, totalling approximately £30,000.

Case 3

A UNISON member at a residential home was being disciplined or ‘insubordination’. However, it came to light that the worker was being unfairly targeted by management to work unsociable shifts and was also being bullied to do unrewarding tasks that should have been shared across all staff on that level. The employer withdrew the case when the Branch successfully challenged the basis of the management processes in operating in this workplace. The employer was further embarrassed by the fact that they had breached their own investigatory and disciplinary policy and procedures.

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