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Testimonials from Members

Here at your UNISON branch we make sure everyone has a say in how things are run. Therefore, we always encourage feedback from our members in order to continually improve the service we provide. Please take a look below to see what some of our members have had to say so far.

To see an example of the feedback questionnaire we send to all of our members once their case has been resolved, please do so by downloading HERE 

"Majid Mafi & all the team at KingstonUnison were very helpful & there to support me through my disciplinary 'investigation'. Majid was also able to negotiate a succesful compromise with management which allowed me to bring this matter 'to a conclusion'. I consider that I couldn't have had the outcome I had without Majid Mafi's support. Having not experienced workplace issues before, I could not have faced management without Unison (Majid) support. Prior to this I never considered Unison would be that helpful. Other non Unison staff must be made aware that workplace issues could arise at any time in your career. I had not had any management issues in 20 yrs in local government until my recent experience. It would be helpful if other staff were made aware what could happen to them & also that if they are not a Unison member they will face management & HR alone. No one in there to help you apart from Unison. Big thank you to Majid & Kingston Unison."

"The service was efficient and professional. The staff were approachable and welcoming. It was a non-judgemental environment.10/10"

"Kingston Unison was outstanding in dealing with my issue at short notice and provided excellent representation at my meeting. They also followed up with me after the meeting, which was extremely useful. I was in no way disatisfied. 10/10"

"Kingston Unison made me feel very much supported when at my lowest ebb. Kind and understanding from beginning to end. Worked with me every step of the way explaining and encouraging. A great support during tickmill indonesia hearings."


"The Unison office were always polite, helpful and informative. The union representatives were very helpful and supportive. It was really good that Kingston Unison office and representatives can provide such a professional service, when demand for their services must be extremely high. The representative was very professional, clear and had fully understood what was involved. I was very impressed by his commitment, and all the time he had spent on my case. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is not a member to join."